On April 28, the Shrimp Boat “Ole Faithful” was deployed in FH-1

100428 Ole Faithful 534F1 

This Steel Hull Shrimp Boat was deployed a little North of the Casino Magic Barge at the Southeast end of FH-1. The Surrounding depth was 68′ with a minimum clearance of 45′ recorded. It appears to have landed on its Starboard Side with the Bow facing South. This appears due to having much larger holes cut in the Bow than in the Stern causing it to fill much more quickly and sink with the Stern floating up. Winds were from the East @ 10 knots, current running 3 knots at 300°. Predicted Tide was 1.7 with a range from -0.5 @ 8:02P to 1.9 @ 9:32A.